New Deal Swing Symphony Pops Show

This program is a perfect package for any symphony orchestra’s pops concert series. Special expanded arrangement by Tony DiLornezo enlarge the original tunes from 16 pieces to full symphony orchestra. This program is always a popular hit with audiences of all ages.

For this program New Deal Swing provides:
• solo clarinet/piano/narration by Tad Calcara
• a complete 2 hour program (including intermission) of arrangements for full orchestra + commentary by Tad Calcara
• lead/solo trumpet by Tony DiLorenzo
• female vocalist
• jazz drummer

Symphony requirements for this show:
• full string section
• double woodwinds (flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons)
• 3 french horns
• 2 alto saxes
• 2 tenor saxes
• 1 baritone sax
• 3 trumpets
• 3 trombones
• Jazz bass
• 2 percucsion (vibes, etc..)
• 1 harp

Please contact Tad for more info.




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